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We are absolutely committed to matching the recruiter’s requirements with the candidate’s skills, experiences, and interests.

Job Hunting?

We will walk with you until you find a job that you are looking for. We will act as a proxy between you and the recruiter to find a job that best suits you for ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST TO YOU.

Talent Searching?

We will help you connect with candidates who are actively looking for employment for a MINIMAL REFERRAL FEE. Hire faster with out worrying about placement fee.


How Jobunting can help

Job Matching

Our team will evaluate each resume and match those with the jobs that are available with our Recruitment partners.


We will help matched Recruiter and Candidates get connect once we verify the match.

Ongoing Support

We will provide ongoing support to both Candidates and Recruiting partners until the candidate gets hired or the job’s filled.

Frequently Asked Questions

job search questions
How do I connect with the Recruiters?

Once you fill out the application, we will review your profile and connect you with the recruiters who have the roles that match your profile.

Does it cost me anything?

No, It does not cost you anything at all. Recruiters will pay us a small referral fee for referring such a great candidate like you. You will not be charged anything and will not impact your pay at all.

How fast can I find a job?

It depends on many factors. We will make sure that your profile gets attention from as many recruiters as possible who have the role that matches your profile.

Can I work with other Recruiters outside the Jobunting?

Yes, You can work with whoever you would like to work with on finding a job. We are confident that our trusted recruiter network will help you find the best job possible faster than elsewhere.

Is this always going to be free?

Yes, It will be ALWAYS FREE.

How do I connect with the Candidates?

Once you fill out the application and send your first requirement, we will contact you to verify you. Once verified, we will add you to our system of trusted recruiter networks. When we receive the candidates’ profiles, we will contact you to match the roles that you may have. It can be vice-versa as well. We will connect you with the candidates when the candidate’s profile suits the requirement you sent.

Do you have candidates outside the IT Industries?

No, We only focus on the IT sector.

How do I become a trusted recruiting partner?

Once you fill out the application, We will contact you to verify then we will add you to our trusted recruiting partner.

How much does it cost?

We do not ask for anything more than a one-time referral fee. We can work with you to make changes to this in agreed-upon terms if necessary.

Do I pay anything more than the referral fee?

No, Not at all. You only pay us a referral fee.

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